Thursday, 11 February 2016

Kent Easter: - A Reputed Management Consultant in Orange County

Kent Easter is a renowned management consultant who can help organizations in improving their performance.  He is expertise in providing development of coaching skills, strategy development, operational improvement services, technology implementation and a lot more services. He also gives his genuine advises to early stage high-tech companies for their growth. Some popular clients that  represented by Kent  were several California companies in SEC investigations, sale of an Orange County public company to a private equity buyer, Southern California company in a dissenting shareholder appraisal action and so on.

In Orange County and Silicon Valley, Kent, formerly practiced as an attorney who successfully represents high-technology and emerging growth companies in business litigation and corporate securities transactions. Moreover, he also has an experience of more than 2 years as a Partner in Law Office where he upgrade his Commercial and Business Litigation skills. Additional expert skills of Kent Easter are Litigation, Trials, Legal Research, Courts, Patent Litigation, Mergers, Private Equity, Trade Secrets, Corporate Law and many more through which he can easily represent his clients. 

Apart from this, Kent also contains keen interest in poverty alleviation. He promotes all those economic and humanitarian measures that can effectively reduce poverty. This displays that he is not only a good management consultant, but also understand his responsibility towards humanity.