Thursday, 11 February 2016

Kent Easter: - A Reputed Management Consultant in Orange County

Kent Easter is a renowned management consultant who can help organizations in improving their performance.  He is expertise in providing development of coaching skills, strategy development, operational improvement services, technology implementation and a lot more services. He also gives his genuine advises to early stage high-tech companies for their growth. Some popular clients that  represented by Kent  were several California companies in SEC investigations, sale of an Orange County public company to a private equity buyer, Southern California company in a dissenting shareholder appraisal action and so on.

In Orange County and Silicon Valley, Kent, formerly practiced as an attorney who successfully represents high-technology and emerging growth companies in business litigation and corporate securities transactions. Moreover, he also has an experience of more than 2 years as a Partner in Law Office where he upgrade his Commercial and Business Litigation skills. Additional expert skills of Kent Easter are Litigation, Trials, Legal Research, Courts, Patent Litigation, Mergers, Private Equity, Trade Secrets, Corporate Law and many more through which he can easily represent his clients. 

Apart from this, Kent also contains keen interest in poverty alleviation. He promotes all those economic and humanitarian measures that can effectively reduce poverty. This displays that he is not only a good management consultant, but also understand his responsibility towards humanity. 

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Kent Easter:- Easily Resolve all Litigation Matters

Kent Wycliffe Easter is a reputed consultant in Orange Country. He is expertise in skills such as a class action, courts, securities litigation, corporate law, trade secrets and a lot of more fields. With these aptitudes, he has effectively spoken to colossal of organizations.

He had also worked with the topmost companies in California such as:-

1. Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, P.C

Kent Easter had worked as an “Associate” in this company from Oct 1998 to Mar 2006 and got the excellent service awards for continual 3years. 

2. Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth P.C

In this, Kent had worked as a “Shareholder” for more than 6years. Here, he was dealing with all litigation matters.

3. Law Office

A Couple of years prior, he was also a partner of the Law Office  of Kent Easter. In this place, Kent had worked from July 2012 to Sept 2014 and handle the Commercial and Business Litigation matters.

For the welfare of his clients, He has never been charged any consultation fee. Moreover, in affordable prices, he can also legally represent  his client in divorce and family law, child custody, child support and business cases.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Contact Kent Easter for Consultant Advising in Orange County

In several companies, Kent Easter worked as a consultant in Orange County. With his years of experience, he knows each and every strategy to successfully represent his clients. For legal advising or settlements, Kent is the appropriate Law Officer. He passed his J.D., Law from School of Law, University of California, Los Angeles. Primarily,  Kent Easter starts his working experience as an Associate in Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, P.C. There, he worked for approx  7years 6 months and get awards for his excellent services in the firm.

Recently, Many companies have hired him so that they can get best advice for the economic growth of their business. Besides this, he also cares about the Economic Empowerment. He wants that every person has sufficient finance to complete his basic needs of life. Kent has specialized in skills such as Courts, Litigations, Corporate Government, Trade Secrets and a lot of more. Formerly, he was one of the reputed attorneys in Sillicon Valley. Kent Easter also likes to do social services and that's why, he worked as a volunteer in Fostering rescue dogs.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Kent Easter:- A leading Consultant of Orange County, California

Generally, it is our expectation from a legal consultant that he advise us in all aspects that can generate more profit and growth in our business. These expectations are fulfill by only some people.  Kent Easter is one of them.  He is the person who represents a tremendous of clients that includes several California companies in SEC investigations, a  multimillion dollar settlement for a New Mexico based insurance company, a Southern California company in a dissenting shareholder appraisal action and a lot of more.

When it comes to his qualification then Kent Easter passed his J.D. Law in 1998 from the University of California. Furthermore, he completes his graduation with an A.B. with honors in history from Stanford University in 1995. The key skills of Kent are Trade Secrets, Corporate Laws, Security Regulation, Intellectual Property, Private Equity and other similar areas. He worked as a consultant advising for many high-tech companies.  For overall growth of a company, he always suggested the profitable advice to his clients. Due to his hardwork, he can successfully handles complex business litigation in both federal as well as state courts.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Kent Easter Consultant

Kent Easter is a consultant advising early stage high-tech companies in all aspects of their growth. Kent formerly practiced as an attorney in Orange County and Silicon Valley representing high-technology and emerging growth companies in business litigation and in corporate securities transactions. Kent's representations for his clients have included: Successfully representing several California companies in SEC investigations which concluded without any enforcement action Winning the complete dismissal of a multi million dollar M&A lawsuit on summary judgment, which was upheld by the California Court of Appeal Successfully representing a publicly traded defense contractor in favorably resolving three Department of Justice investigations, without any actions or charges being brought.