Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Kent Easter:- Easily Resolve all Litigation Matters

Kent Wycliffe Easter is a reputed consultant in Orange Country. He is expertise in skills such as a class action, courts, securities litigation, corporate law, trade secrets and a lot of more fields. With these aptitudes, he has effectively spoken to colossal of organizations.

He had also worked with the topmost companies in California such as:-

1. Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, P.C

Kent Easter had worked as an “Associate” in this company from Oct 1998 to Mar 2006 and got the excellent service awards for continual 3years. 

2. Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth P.C

In this, Kent had worked as a “Shareholder” for more than 6years. Here, he was dealing with all litigation matters.

3. Law Office

A Couple of years prior, he was also a partner of the Law Office  of Kent Easter. In this place, Kent had worked from July 2012 to Sept 2014 and handle the Commercial and Business Litigation matters.

For the welfare of his clients, He has never been charged any consultation fee. Moreover, in affordable prices, he can also legally represent  his client in divorce and family law, child custody, child support and business cases.


  1. Kent Wycliffe Easter is a scumbag who harassed and tried to frame an innocent woman. Stay away from this man.

  2. If all your legal issues can be handled by this guy, why did he spend six months in jail for planting drugs on an innocent woman? This guy's a complete piece of garbage. Hire at your own risk!

  3. The man is what gives lawyers a bad name.

  4. I read that he doesn't have a license because he was arrested and then found guilty. Google "Jill and Kent Easter" and it will make you think twice about hiring this guy.