Sunday, 15 November 2015

Kent Easter:- A leading Consultant of Orange County, California

Generally, it is our expectation from a legal consultant that he advise us in all aspects that can generate more profit and growth in our business. These expectations are fulfill by only some people.  Kent Easter is one of them.  He is the person who represents a tremendous of clients that includes several California companies in SEC investigations, a  multimillion dollar settlement for a New Mexico based insurance company, a Southern California company in a dissenting shareholder appraisal action and a lot of more.

When it comes to his qualification then Kent Easter passed his J.D. Law in 1998 from the University of California. Furthermore, he completes his graduation with an A.B. with honors in history from Stanford University in 1995. The key skills of Kent are Trade Secrets, Corporate Laws, Security Regulation, Intellectual Property, Private Equity and other similar areas. He worked as a consultant advising for many high-tech companies.  For overall growth of a company, he always suggested the profitable advice to his clients. Due to his hardwork, he can successfully handles complex business litigation in both federal as well as state courts.

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